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And some users still prefer the Zune skin to use. 3. Haz clic aquí para descargar AlienwareDarkstar. VideoLAN is the official website of VLC Media Player and there you can browse all the official skins and download it for free. To check the skinned version of VLC Media player, install the latest VLC Media Player from the official site and search Skinned VLC in your Windows search bar. Downloading and installing VLC media player skins is simple and takes a few minutes, and you can always keep experimenting with different skins to suit your needs. Some people don’t like the default VLC Media player skin including me because of the very basic and simple design.

And the play and stop button along with the previous and next buttons are placed at the left bottom which is quite unique and different. The developer has pulled off a minimal, uncluttered VLC skin which looks stunning. Well, this skin is one of the powerful skin that available for VLC Media Player. Also using this is kinda difficult because in order to like find settings and all that you have to go through a lot of hassle. 394K Views. And the best benefit of VideoLAN is you can download all the official Skins for VLC Media Player at once in a zip format. Another VLC Media Player skin that uses light blue and black color in its entire theme. You can also download from other unofficial sources – we have included many VLC skins that are not featured on the VLC media player website. 5th Step – Once you change that, a file chooser button will appear. If so, I love to hear your thoughts on the comment section below. But those who don’t’ like black color can go with the white one.

Skywire is an elegant choice. I have included a client_id in … This skin for VLC Media player comes with Minimal design and cut off some default features of VLC Media Player. VLC - MinimalX. And any users can download and install it for free in their VLC Media Player with a particular procedure. In its recently updated skin, a serious bug has been fixed. 2nd Step – Tap on tools from the top menu bar. All contributors are responsible for their uploads. Another cool skin for VLC Media Player that allows changing the font of the VLC Media Player. So, these are the four websites that you can visit to look for various VLC Media Player skins. The default skin of the VLC Media player is not pretty cool and looks simpler. And to download the Transformers skin, you need to go to DeviantArt website where the unofficial developer has made and uploaded the skin. And you will face difficulty in finding the settings>Interface to again change the skin. Though the skin is primarily dark, it offers choices of blue, pink and green for the accent. And now its latest version is 3.0.0 which is recently updated so I can say that MinimalX has improved way better. This addon will allow VLC to open free lbry.tv video direct from links. It was way easier. There will be two options displayed under Look and Feel. Haga clic aquí para descargar MinimalX. All the elements are similar to Avengers Shield. DestroyVLC is best for night watcher; who watch movies at night time because of the skin colors. Este VLCskin se parece al equipo de juego de Nintendo. Don't forget to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! This is VLC skin is for all those people who loved the beauty of Zune but wished for more versatility from the player. Also, comment below if you have an opinion or suggestion. And I highly recommend this if you like Avengers Shield look because this skin will make your VLC Media players looks similar to Shield. And in MetroX skin, you can use 10 different colors in the skin. And apart from the official website, there are outside developers that also have contributed skins for VLC Media player.

Here are the steps that will help you to change VLC Media Player skin: 1st Step – First, open the VLC Media Player on your Windows PC. After sometimes of using VLC Media Player, we get bored after watching the same interface again and again. I mean it has way simple and basic design than any VLC skin including the default one. I have included a client_id in this script. Exactly I am looking for.

**Why Create this, when LBRY Desktop app already exists? Honestly, both are little same in color but totally different in design and look. Skywire is with a flat design theme. 1K Favourites.

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