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As outlined by Toru Takeda in the Nov. 22 online version of Asahi Shimbun, the JSA checked the moves Miura had made in previous games against moves made by popular shogi software to see if there was a pattern.

Shogi Tournament on AbemaTV . That’s because all the national dailies and some broadcasters cover shogi regularly and in detail. In fact, most major shogi tournaments are sponsored by media outlets. The robot’s programmer told NHK that he input 20 years of moves by various professionals into the program and it has since been playing itself.

The Japan Shogi Association (JSA) suspended him as they investigated the charges.

Press photos of Fujii’s matches show enormous assemblies of reporters, video crews and photographers hovering over the kneeling opponents. Though last Sunday’s Tokyo assembly elections garnered the most media attention, another contest came in a close second, even if only two people were involved. Much has been made in the past few weeks of Fujii’s style of play, which is described as being counter-intuitive and abnormally aggressive. Fujii constantly looks for openings in his opponent’s game and immediately strikes when he sees one, which is the main characteristic of AI shogi. The Japan Times LTD. All rights reserved. Shogi and Culture Shogi Tournament on AbemaTV.

By studying the way shogi programs played, Miura had likely appropriated the AI function’s own learning curve.

Diego 27/05/2020 27/05/2020 News, Video abemaTV, amateur, fan, kimura, shogi 0 Along with the Abema tournament, the streaming company has prepared some other events for the fans. Japan tries to find the right balance with street graffiti.

Miura repeatedly left the room during play and was suspected of consulting his phone when he did so. Fujii is simply the human manifestation of this evolution, and what’s disconcerting for the shogi establishment is that he didn’t reach that position because of a mentor. The best shogi community on Reddit. Teams are: Download the PFD and learn how to play in 5 minutes!

Masataka Sugimoto, his shogi teacher, told Tokyo Shimbun that he doesn’t think Fujii “uses software as a weapon,” since he now faces players who also practiced with AI. The speed of Fujii’s ascension to headline status has been purposely accelerated by the media, which treats him as not just a prodigy, but as the vanguard figure of a pastime in which the media has a stake. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. European Youth Shogi Championship 2017 in Wroclaw, Fujii Souta is in a pinch due to the coronavirus, Watanabe wins the third game and sets the match in 1-2, FESA - Federation European of Shogi Associations.

Fujii’s defeat obviously means that his type of play is no longer confounding. Miura is, in fact, one of the pros who battled computerized shogi programs in past years. Moreover, there was no communications activity recorded for the phone on the day of the contested match because it had been shut off the whole time. He didn’t have to check the software to determine moves — it was already in his nervous system.

Miura, he surmised, had become what chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov once called a “centaur” — half man, half computerized beast.

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