hoi4 国家形成 mod 15

Date restrictions have been removed from all Risorgimento focuses. Replaced `var:faction_leader` with the new `faction_leader` scope.

Improved Colonial Flags (henceforth icflagsmod) is a mod that aims to improve the flags (and in some cases names) of major nations to work better with the autonomy system introduced by Together For Victory. The three remaining super-states vie for global domination: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, and between them lies the Disputed Zone. All rights reserved. Using this mod you can puppet same faction countries using various methods if they at a brink of capitulation, Removes the "outlines" or whatever it may be called. We’ve added a custom game rule option if you want to shut it off, either for the player only (meaning the player experiences no malus if they go over the limit, and is not informed when they’re over it, but the AI will still obey the limit) or entirely.

We hope you enjoy it!

This mod is and old version of More Fun (1.6.2) and its deprecated.

Vocal political elements have begun to speak up in favor of monarchist values, finding support with an increasing number of the population. Make Peace, Not War - MD Compatiblity Version, Focus Tree of Spain for Millenium Dawn (Compatible Version) (HoI4 v.1.5.4), DISCONTINUED - Millenium Dawn Technology Expansion. If Germany agrees, they will intervene in the peace talks in exchange for Austria immediately joining the Reichspakt (permanently). Canada’s french-related ideas will now disappear if Quebec is not owned, Russia no longer receives a claim on Cernauti when deciding to keep Bessarabia, Fixed Russian decision to attack Transamur for the instance where Transamur immediately folds and should be annexed, Burmese event chain now checks for AuthDem government to exist, Burma can no longer join in on Indochina’s war with Siam if it is a subject (of another country) or otherwise invalid for the war, Fixed the continuous focus box overlapping with parts of the PLC focus tree, Fixed the Russian Socialist Republic having a too low division limit, Fixed Don-Kuban having an endless Black Monday, Fixed all missing Sudwestafrika portraits, Fixed Austria not being able to release Hungary in the Pluralism path, Capitulated countries will no longer be annexed in peace conferences if random non-aligned third parties capitulate, Siam no longer loses its admirals if the civil war fires, Transamur will now break away from Japan when forming Russia, Serbia no longer invites itself to the Belgrade Congress, Honduras will now break free from Nicaragua if the latter’s government is overthrown, Mongolia and Tibet can now be released properly after releasing China, Greater Germany can now no longer core Istria or Trentino through the annexation decisions, If the UK chooses direct rule over Ireland, the annexation decision will now not keep re-appearing, Removed the ability for the Patagonian Communists to get Juan Domingo Peron as a general. Tags that revolt from Andesia now automatically join a faction to work together to crush Argentina, If Brazil is a puppet or was Balkanized by Patagonia then they too can join the faction to crush Andesia, When a tag revolts against Andesia it automatically goes to war, no longer can you opt to not go to war, Andesia now peaces out with the revolters after its full collapse. Added some negative effects to Canada’s “negotiate with Quebec” path, so it’s not better in every way than the other paths. Unfortunately I've tried the new version and I don't really see this mod working with it, partly due to the laughable American neo-liberal economic model that... Changes country colors in Millennium Dawn. So as always, big thanks to the team and their hard work! Fun games :), How To Install Mods for (Hoi4) Hearts of Iron 4. The Ottoman rework has been teased for a long time so I know you’ll be happy to hear it is finally here and ready for you to enjoy!

This mod replaces portraits with the Polandballs found on Bokoen1's channel in his series Hoi4 mp in a nutshell, Download Castle Wolfenstein V6 , bugs fixed.

But not anymore! Ever wish you could bring some more of that alt history nostalgia to Hearts of Iron, courtesy of Westwood? It won't overide others songs, and It should be specific to France. Hundreds of companies and ministers for all countries. Attacking Bulgaria and retaking them after the end of the chain allows Serbia to establish cores via decision on Bulgarian core lands, Added alternate effects for RUS Okhrannoye Otdeleniye ideas so they are more useful to non-La Resistance owner, Siam finally gets its own balancing adjustment (read: "nerfed hard across the board"), Redone localisation for a majority of Mongolia’s early events, Zhang Xueliang’s demands to Japan will now be delivered immediately, Reformgruppe African puppets are now puppets of Germany, not Mittelafrika. Ever wondered why your great war against France and the UK is still called the boring "German-Polish War" long after the Poles surrendered? Added a small unit limit bonus for Yucatan, Russia can now invite Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to its faction, Lithuania will now refrain from rebelling before the WK. Players can build past this limit, but they will be notified when they’re over it (via a flashing alert on their Recruit & Deploy tab) and will receive a malus that increases the more they go over that limit. Weaponry is now 'collections' of small arms, rather than just one weapon represented. General: This mod replaces all small arms equipment with (generally) historic weaponry as well as uniforms for all nations.

Version 19.10.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1). WIF can no longer get spontaneous coups late game or when a conflicting game rule is enabled. 《钢铁雄心4(Hearts of Iron IV)》是由瑞典游戏发行商Paradox Interactive开发的一款著名的二战模拟游戏。它是《钢铁雄心》系列的最新作品。这里有丰富的钢铁雄心4 MOD资源,欢迎大家前来下载

This has meant we’ve been able to take a little bit longer with this patch and get more fixes in than we otherwise would. Replaces the standard insignia with the American insignia. Fixed France not getting claims on Wallonia if they annex all of Belgium, Fixed the Dutch Revolution news event using the wrong description, MAF can no longer release its constituents while at war, The CSA Constitutional Congress popularity gains now reflect the actual politics, Fixed a Yunnan focus bypassing incorrectly and added extra AI factors to their war foci, Post-ACW emergency mobilization is no longer locked, Fixed and improved the Hunan faction joining decisions, Fixed the post-Great Game trees' availables.

Belgium's AT ideas now give piercing boni instead.

This mod adds additional Historical music to the UK. Left KMT can no longer cancel their congress events. We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it! Do you also find the effort put into the vanilla British tree absolutely shameful, for one of WW2's 'big three'?

Fixed FNG not getting cores on China when released by Japan, XSM will now give Chamdo to Tibet when releasing them, Fix your eyes, you’ve been reading the patch notes for too long, Fixed the Roads to Riga idea not being removed if Riga dies, Removed a meme description from the Persian Balochistan focus, Fixed the DEI focus tree building factories on INS states, Fixed a missing Sichuan loc entry and a typo, Fixed Yunnan not getting claims on Sichuan when forming the KMT government, Fixed Sichuan retaining cosmetic tags when puppeted, Fixed Japan getting the Fading Sun after annexation, Fixed Iceland staying in the Reichspakt's wars after breaking free from Denmark, Upon completion of the Cod War in Iceland, a unit is generated so that they have some form of defence for naval invasions, Added missing vanilla tooltip about extra aircrews. Rewrite history (again), but this time in Hearts of Iron IV! This mod is based off of the faction from Battlefield 2 and Project Reality.

Bulgaria now has a small sub-tree for when it has a SocCon government under Aleksandar Stamboliyski (primarily occurring if/when it is a Serbian puppet, but not restricted to that). Well weep no more, with this genious modification for HOI4 the civil war will no longer trigger, (except if you do a coup or something like that ;) ), Nordic Reichsprotektorates (Swastika Edition). Come on! Fixed the opening Imperial Conference event having reversed localization, based on whether Canada chose to concentrate on the dominions or itself. Fixed Russia not keeping Bessarabia when releasing Romania. Not all mods might work together or not work at all, but download at your risk. Updated the mod for compatibility with 0.10.1 and Battle for the Bosporus.

"Nobody can see your pain if you hide it under a big moustache" ~ iSorrowproductions 2018. I made this mod to fix the disaster that is Spain in vanilla game. It’s no longer enough to have simply declared support for the faction during the Intervention Debate. Sry for that, Custom focus trees for CHI, PRC and Manchukuo, a new focus tree for France with democratic, fascist, communist and monarchist paths, historical context for each focus with description, new events that simulate the political and eco. Qing can now use its “integrate faction members” decision more than once, should qualifying tags remain. Combines EasyBuff+, Cheat Mod, Population cheat, Easy Cheats, and National Cheats into one mod to improve compatability and make the …

Sad to say it but this mod is dead. Added peace conference rule for the Third Internationale to stay out of China and Southeast Asia if there are any Asian countries at the conference who are willing to take those states, Peace conference code has been sped up considerably, Bulgarian coup events are no longer limited by the Russian government - their chances of success are just influenced instead, Russian AI will now focus on the Caucasus first before Eastern Europe, if they can go after both, The Halbstarke error, which prevented Black Monday effects from being removed by Germany, has been fixed.

SyndieNapoleon's Permanent Night Map GFX [1.9]. The DLC killed any interest I had in the game. Some adjustments to the Treaty of Budapest: the AI is now guaranteed to accept peace, unless they’re in a faction and the faction leader (a player) has already refused the treaty, Added more variations to the event text, particularly for Italy and Poland, and covering the possibility for when Germany’s intervention means Italy might not receive anything out of the treaty (the text won’t imply that they do), Workaround for a rare occurrence where partial control over a non-enemy state whose owner is in exile will drag them into a peace conference, even though their faction hasn’t capitulated yet, Fixed incorrect state id reference in Status of Salonica trigger, All government changes in Switzerland, Honduras, Uruguay, Papal State, and Lombardy now properly remove old ministers, Bulgaria no longer loses all its cores in the instance where the Greek rebel state is annexed by Greece proper (Bulgaria’s cores were accidentally being removed instead of the Greek rebel cores), Fate of Dalmatia decision now fires the correct event, Fixed Guangzhou being counted as part of Legation Cities, Fixed Mongolian and Tibetan endonyms being overridden by Chinese ones, Socialist Russia no longer claims Pas-de-Calais, Fixed a puppet Ma Clique being able to change their government, Alash Orda will no longer be set free by the RCW in the rare case where they stay loyal, Fixed the Romanian legionary minister changes removing the HoG, Poland can now be granted a puppet Galicia if released after the latter, Replaced Bulgarian flag’s coat of arms with one the monarchy actually used, Germany: Eberhard von Mackensen, Albert Kesselring, August von Mackensen, Gerd von Rundstedt, Gotthard Heinrici, Rupprecht von Bayern, Heinz Guderian, Walter Model, Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb, Wilhelm III (General Variant), Erich Raeder, Ewald Kleist, Friedrich Paulus, Hermann Boehm, Erwin von Witzleben, Erich von Manstein, Erich Hoepner, Franz von Papen, Georg Kuchler, Günther Lütjens, Lothar Arnauld Periere, Rudolf Rocker, Wilhelm Souchon, Gustav Krupp, Karl Doenitz, Gunther Kluge, Hermann Hoth, Wilhelm Pieck, Others: Ali Kelmendi (ALB), Ahmet Zogu (ALB), Jawaharlal Nehru (BHC), Georgi Dimitrov (BUL), Reginald Hildyard (CAF), Carlos Campo (CHL), Yang Yuting (FNG), Asgeir Asgeirsson (ICE), Ta Thu Thau (INC), Eoin O’Duffy (IRE), Franz Ritter von Epp (MAF), Theodor von Hippel (MAF), Ferdinand Schorner (MAF), Guy Halifax (SAF), Thomas Dewey (USA), Saint Louis in Senegal is now in the right place, Volgograd state and VP has been renamed to Tsaritsyn from the start, Fixed the urban terrain of Tashkent being on the wrong place.

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