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The only good thing I can think of at this point is that as soon as I realized what I had stupidly done, I unplugged the unit and placed it in a corner. Further details in the disclaimer. They will be able to assist your inquiry. Thanks MP for replying appreciate your input. It also alerts you about overlapping recordings and a series of prompts help you resolve the issue. I have a quick alternative method (to original post by Wade) which restored & recovered my old hdd in another panasonic machine with all the recorded titles showing as normal in the navigator. Sorry, but I wasn't allowed to put links in my post.

Like. Once again the knockout combo of P4HD and PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus technology deliver the goods, not only with Blu-ray but with DVD – the BS850 also does a fine job of upscaling standard-def discs to 1080p. Being a Panasonic product, setting up and using the DMR-BS850 is unsurprisingly simple.

I rang Panasonic and ended up talking to someone (obviously not a technician as they had a significant lack of knowledge) and would not transfer me to a person with the requisite knowledge. ”Bleak House” on BBC HD looks beautiful, with even the most minute costume details and wispiest facial hair looking crisp and focused. The unit itself is not dissimilar to Panasonic’s standalone players, the DMP-BD60 and BD80, with its mirrored fascia and slim-line dimensions. I know you can add an external USB drive, but this drive is locked to the unit and you cannot copy material from it. 4K Networking Your Panasonic Blu-ray Recorder can now bring the ever-expanding world of stunningly detailed 4K content* into your home. It definitely beats doing it manually. It is in perfect condition.

Thanks in advance . Panasonic DMR-BS850 Freesat Blu-ray & HDD Recorder. Not being able to freely burn everything into Blu-ray will no doubt be a turn off for some people, particularly with so little hi-def content on Freesat in the first place. I have just replaced my old panasonic with the new DMR-BWT955 and there is no longer any way to sort recorded titles or to change prog. It’s also worth remembering that the DMR-BS850 doesn’t just support Blu-ray discs – it can also record and playback every DVD format, including dual-layer discs. ‘Copy Once’ programmes let you to make one copy on Blu-ray, while ‘No Copy’ programmes don’t let you make any. Help, Hi, my btw-955 seems to drop audio for a second when I look at the program menu via the green tab and then back again. It means that you can watch one Freesat channel and record another, or record two programmes simultaneously while watching something from the hard-disk or Blu-ray. Marty.

The status of each programme is indicated by a small icon on the Direct Navigator screen, which shows the number of copies you have left. I rang Panasonic and they told me to deregister the USB. You can delete part of a programme, divide and rename titles, change the thumbnail and muck about with chapter points, all of which are easy to use thanks to the excellent on-screen layout. I left it for hours. Just setting up the PVR and the aspect on my new Sony TV in TV mode fills the screen (all good)but in PVR mode I only get letterbox and the manual options via Aspect “Normal” “zoom” or “normal” don’t fill the screen and “side cut” does not provide a similar picture quality.

You’ll find HDMI, component, S-video and composite video outputs; coaxial, optical and analogue stereo audio outputs; a second set of S-video/composite/analogue stereo inputs; two RGB-capable SCART sockets; and an Ethernet port.

Thanks for helping me out on that one. • This unit supports USB 2.0 High Speed.

I can't offer a reason, other than disc issues...I have 3 machines and no issues with any of them. Done in approx less than 3 mins. I can get iView through the PVR apps, but it seems to be an old clunky version.

Also tried to fast forward from the spot when if freezes, and it still froze. 

That which may be known of God is evident within man, for God has shown it to them, so that they are without excuse. Can it be linked to a new DMRBWT955GL so i don't lose the recordings? MP3, JPEG, AVCHD and SD (MPEG-2) video can be copied to the hard-disk, but DivX can only be played from DVDs, CDs and USB sticks and there’s no DivX HD or WMA support. Not happy Jan. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. I recovered accidentaly formated HDD in Panasonic EH-57. • Although this unit can use USB 3.0 devices as USB 2.0 devices, in certain cases USB 3.0 devices cannot be used due to differing connector shape, larger current ratings, etc. Copy protection is obviously a key issue when dubbing hi-def content onto Blu-ray and your freedom to do so depends on the wishes of the broadcaster, who can insert flags that limit the number of times their programme can be copied. If you still have further problems, please contact our customer service team on 132600. I have a Panasonic 955Gl I notice it has some useless apps that I don’t require which I have deleted. The problem seems to be that the installed browser uses http instead of current usage https and is considered unsafe and therefore not now supported. We checked these out and the resulting picture quality is every bit as good as that of the DMR-EX79 – crisp edges, a distinct lack of block/mosquito noise in XP and SP, smooth movement and sharp detail. I have re-tuned the channels twice and get channel 20, I get Freeview/iView on my Panasonic TV, I have spoken to Support to no avail (they assure me removing Region Codes is not the problem) - any ideas? 132600, Have been using my new Panasonic DMR-BWT955 recorder for a week with no problems except, it does not have a program reminder option? For some, it just might be worth the cost.

View online or download Panasonic DMR-BWT760 Operating Instructions Manual Now when I go to USB HDD page the 'Cancellation of all USB HDD Registrations' option is greyed out and can't be accessed! Hi, unless protected, copying is a breeze.

Also made sure the disc was not dirty or have any marks on it. Hi Janet, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your new unit. Could you possibly reach me at 847 254 7130 ? Also made sure the disc was not dirty or have any marks on it. When recording onto DVD, or recording from external sources on the AV inputs, you have to use the regular XP, SP, LP and EP modes. 2. Recording programmes from the EPG is slightly long-winded, as there are several menu screens you have to go through – the first gives you the option of series recording and the second lets you check all the details.

Just setting up the PVR and the aspect on my new Sony TV in TV mode fills the screen (all good)but in PVR mode I only get letterbox and the manual options via Aspect “Normal” “zoom” or “normal” don’t fill the screen and “side cut” does not provide a similar picture quality.What can be done? Thank you everyone for posting up the information and the firmware text. The menus are sensibly sequenced and everything is dressed in welcoming pastel shades and chunky text, which will make you feel at home despite the complex nature of this multi-faceted product.

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